Starbucks Tote Bag + Mini Bearista

Simple and functional, with roomy side pockets and a spot just for your mini bearista best friend. 

A timeless Starbucks Tote Bag that’s the ideal size for holding all your daily essentials. Roomy side pockets on the both side also mean that all your necessities are within easy reach – perfect for your phone, brolly or a tumbler filled with your favorite brew.

What’s more, we made sure to save a spot for your mini bearista best friend. This Starbucks Tote Bag (approx. 24cm x 12cm x 28cm) is available in 2 colors and each comes with a mini bearista. These mini bearistas are dressed in 3 different outfits and are not interchangeable. Yours for $19.90. Available at all stores.