Introducing Teavana™ Tea Latte

Infused with the unexpected.

Meet our new tea lattes – a full-flavored experience crafted with microground tea leaves, a new way of extracting flavor from tea leaves. The result? A luxuriously intense cuppa that’s perfect for refueling in the mornings, recharging in the afternoons or just when you feel like rewarding yourself with a tea time treat.

The new Chestnut Black Tea Latte is a decadent cuppa that combines roasty chestnut with microground black tea and steamed milk before being capped off with candied chestnut and strawberry bits.

Crafted with unsweetened microground black tea, the new Vanilla Black Tea Latte is big on flavor and serves up a smooth and delicious texture. The microgound tea dances with vanilla and steamed milk to create this delightful cuppa.

For the best of both worlds, there’s the new Vanilla Black Tea & Espresso Fusion where microground black tea dances with our bold espresso, vanilla and steamed milk.