• Starbucks® x The Art Faculty

    An exclusive collaboration in support of the Autism Resource Centre. In stores from 15 April 2019.


Starbucks® x The Art Faculty
Café Motif
by Irfan and Kai Herng.

The Art Faculty celebrates the abilities of people with autism. Artists earn royalties when you buy an item from this collaboration. $5 from the sale of this item will also be donated to support Autism Resource Centre (ARC).

Straw Sets are yours for $12.90 each. Available in 2 colors, each set comes with 2 stainless steel straws, cleaning brush and pouch. Items are not interchangeable. Tote bags are yours for $16.90 each.

Learn more about The Art Faculty herehere and here.

Since 2005, Starbucks Singapore has been a supporter of the Autism Resource Centre (ARC) and its various programs, including setting up café training facility for students of the Pathlight School and a second training café at The Art Faculty, located at the Enabling Village.

2014 saw another milestone moment where we opened our 100th store in Singapore and collaborated with ARC’s  Employability and Employment Centre. This special give-back store hires beneficiaries from ARC, as a long-term commitment to train people with autism, and equip them with the necessary skills for purposeful employment.

Today, we’re happy to work with The Art Faculty on this exclusive collaboration where $5 from the sale of this item will help to further the work that ARC does.