• Gift of the Week

    Collapse, keep, reuse. 
    For all your holiyay moments,
    dine-in or to-go.
    Available from 2 Dec 2019.


Gift of the Week: Collapse, keep, reuse

Your favorite collapsible cup is back, and is now available in a bigger size. Get your hands on the 24oz Starbucks x stojo (available in Blush and Black) at $39.90 each. You can also pick from 6 other fun colors (16oz): navy, red, olive, yellow, mint and pastel blue – these are yours for $29.90 each.

Cups aside, we also teamed up with Lexngo to bring you a Starbucks x Lexngo collapsible lunch box set. These are available in 3 colors – navy, mint and pink. Each lunch box set comes with a spork (think: spoon, fork & knife rolled into one) and is yours for $29.90 each.

Available from 2 Dec 2019.

Gift of the Week: Starbucks x Meykrs

Ho ho hot coffee. Once again, we’ve teamed up with homegrown brand, Meykrs, to bring you this Starbucks Singapore exclusive. Your favorite coffee cup – now in a huggable size. 

Get yours for $29.90 each.
Available while stocks last, from 25 Nov 2019.
Drink not included.


Gift of the Week: Starbucks x The Animal Project

An exclusive collaboration.
Café Dogs & Cats By Tay Jun-Yi

The Animal Project is a social enterprise that celebrates, showcases and supports the abilities of people with special needs. This holiday season, we teamed up with The Animal Project to bring you an exclusive collection that’s beautifully designed by Tay Jun-Yi.

Starbucks Singapore supports The Animal Project to celebrate talented artists with autism and related challenges. Artists earn royalties when you buy their art and products. The Espresso Cup Set is yours for $39.90, Chopstick Set is $19.90 and the Pouch with Charm is $32.90.

Support Inclusion. Celebrate abilities.

Available from 18 Nov 2019*.
Stay tuned for more weekly surprises.

Learn more about The Animal Project here and here.

*This collection is available at all stores except for Starbucks Science Park II.

Gift of the Week: The Denim Collection

Just what you need, to keep your essentials within easy reach. 
A coin pouch, card holder and lanyard – all in cool shades of denim. 
Perfect for gifting or to keep.  

Available in light and dark denim, from 11 Nov 2019.
Yours for $15 each.

Stay tuned for more weekly surprises. 

Gift of the Week: Starbucks Color-Changing Cups

Add a dash of holiday magic to your life.
Fill your cups with an iced beverage and watch as your cup changes color instantly.

Available in a set of five, these Starbucks Color-Changing Reusable Cups are yours for $36.90 each. Each box set comes with five cups (24oz) in five different colors, five lids & five straws.

Grab yours now. 
Stay tuned for more weekly surprises.