Brewed Coffee

One of our rich, flavorful brewed coffees, selected to showcase our roasting and blending artistry.

In our travels around the world, we've tasted many a splendid cup of coffee. Each one offers something different and unique. The clean, nutty taste of a good Colombia. The citrusy snap of a Kenya. The herbal mellowness of a Sumatra.

Back home in our tasting room, we take these amazing coffees and mix them with beans from other regions. That’s how we create some of our most famous blends, like Starbucks® Christmas Blend.

We love all of these single-origin coffees and blends. More than that, we love to share our passion. So each day we feature one of these outstanding brewed coffees for you to enjoy.

Did you know

The first coffee Howard Schultz tried during his initial visit to the Starbucks in Seattle's Pike Place Market was a cup of Sumatra.

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