Crafted Passion

Enjoy a tea-based treat or a coffee indulgence with these beverages.

Okinawa Brown Sugar Latte

The popular Okinawa Brown Sugar Latte is back! A hint of mellow sweetness from the Okinawa brown sugar elevates our signature espresso before being topped with fluffy whipped cream and brown sugar drizzle. Named after the sun-bathed Japanese island, Okinawa brown sugar is a premium ingredient famous for its deep and complex flavors. Available as a hot, blended or iced handcrafted beverage.

Black Sesame Pure Matcha Latte with Taro Foam

This fun, indulgent and colorful treat brings together our pure matcha with a velvety black sesame sauce, topped with a frothy layer of aromatic purple taro foam. The result is a perfect blend of distinctive flavor profiles – nutty, earthy and richly flavored. Available hot and iced.

Pure Matcha Latte

Meet the Pure Matcha Latte – a smooth, creamy and lightly sweetened beverage that's made from premium microground matcha and served with steamed milk. Available hot and iced and you can opt to have yours unsweetened too.

Blueberry Dark Mocha Frappuccino®

This season of love, we bring you the new Blueberry Dark Mocha Frappuccino®. A glorious combination of fruity blueberry, indulgent dark chocolate and rich coffee that’s topped with fluffy whipped cream, complete with blueberry drizzle.

Deliciously decadent in every sip.