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6 ways to customise your favourite Starbucks

when you place your order online or at your favourite Starbucks store


2% milk
Nonfat milk


Fewer pumps
Sugar-free syrup


Sweet’N Low®
Stevia Blend


Less whip
No whip


Skinny means
nonfat milk,
no whipped cream
and sugar-free syrup

Cold Foam
Cold Foam

Add cold foam

Say hello to five delicious twists on tea. Our new Tea-ology beverages remixed and all so fruity, flavorful and refreshing.

Tropical Triple Citrus

Make everyday a tropical getaway with the new Tropical Triple Citrus. Hand shaken Teavana™ Emperor’s Clouds & Mist green tea mixed with a zesty blend of three orange juices topped with grapefruit, lemon and oranges slices.

Sangria Hibiscus Cold Brew

A deliciously fruity twist to our signature Cold Brew Coffee. Made with Teavana™ Hibiscus tea, this drink is flavored with luscious hibiscus flowers and real mixed berries that complement the smooth and naturally sweet flavor of Cold Brew Coffee. Garnished with an orange slice of citrus, the summer beverage is as delicious as it is beautiful.

Peach Cloud with Jelly

Savor sweet, juicy peaches all summer long with the new Peach Cloud with Jelly. A combination of white peach juice, Teavana™ Emperor’s Clouds & Mist green tea, peach jelly and diced white peaches. Topped with velvety white peach cold foam for a sweet, creamy finish.

Matcha Mango Freeze

The new Mango Matcha Freeze offers a tangy, tropical twist on our classic Matcha. This summer beverage is an icy blend of smooth and creamy Matcha with mango and passionfruit juice. Complete with a scoop of mango jelly for a vibrant pop of flavor and color.

Oolong Jelly Matcha Royale

The new Oolong Jelly Matcha Royale is a tea lover’s dream, featuring lively and rich flavors of Teavana™ Matcha and oolong tea jelly. Matcha is mixed together with silky milk, served over ice and topped with oolong tea jelly, creating a luxurious, smooth finish sure to satisfy your cravings. Also available in Nitro Cold Brew at selected stores.

Available iced and in Grande size only.

Order ahead via Mobile Order & Pay and pick up from a store near you.