Recipe: Refreshing Iced Lemon Green Tea

Take your tea time to a whole new level with our tealicious recipes. 

Starbucks Refreshing Iced Lemon Green tea

1 lime, sliced
2 lemon, slice one
4 tablespoons of sugar
4 sachets of Emperor’s Cloud & Mist
3 fresh mint leaves (peppermint works too)
Ice Cubes

1) Squeeze half a lemon into a shallow dish.
2) Dip rim of cup into the lemon juice.
3) Place sugar into a shallow dish.
4) Dip the rim of the cup into sugar, coating the rim.
5) Place lemon and lime slices into the cup. 
6) Steep tea for 3-5 mins in a pitcher. 
7) Fill the cup with ice cubes, tea and finish with mint.
8) Cheers!

Get ready to par-tea!

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