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6 ways to customise your favourite Starbucks

when you place your order online or at your favourite Starbucks store


2% milk
Nonfat milk


Fewer pumps
Sugar-free syrup


Sweet’N Low®
Stevia Blend


Less whip
No whip


Skinny means
nonfat milk,
no whipped cream
and sugar-free syrup

Cold Foam
Cold Foam

Add cold foam

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Search FAQs
What are the sizes of the drinks served at our stores?

The drink sizes we currently offer are:

Short - 8oz (236ml), Tall - 12oz (355ml), Grande - 16oz (473ml), Venti - 20oz (591ml)

How can I make a comment about the service I received, or an experience I had, at a Starbucks store?

We always welcome your feedback about our service and your in-store experience – whether you found it friendly and helpful, or if it fell short of your expectations. Please Contact Us with your comments and we’ll respond within 5 working days.

How can I access Wi-Fi here at Starbucks?

Wi-Fi service is available at participating stores under the MyRepublic hotspot. You are given 30 minutes of free Wi-Fi each time you login and you may login as many times as you wish.

I am encountering issues with the Wi-Fi, who should I contact?

We’re sorry the internet is down. The wireless internet is managed by MyRepublic and you can contact their support team at +65 3152 0480.

How can I find a Starbucks store near me?

Check out our Store Finder for our store locations.

Where can I find a Starbucks stores' operating hours?

Check out our Store Finder for locations and their operating hours

Do you give customers a discount if they bring their own tumbler/mug?

Yes, we offer customers $0.50 off of the price of their handcrafted beverage if they use their own tumbler/mug. However, do note that it is not applicable in conjunction with other promotions (e.g. breakfast set, coffee refill).

How does the coffee refill policy work?

When you purchase a Brewed Coffee served in a mug and consume it in our stores, after you finish you can purchase a refill at $1.80. Once you leave the store, your visit has ended and any subsequent coffee refill thereafter would be considered a new purchase.

Is it chargeable to add other milk options or dairy alternatives to my beverage?

Our milk options and dairy alternatives are chargeable if the requested amount is more than our sample cup (4oz) or if it is used to replace the original milk of the beverage such as our latte.

How many calories are there in the different Starbucks food options?

You may find the nutritional information of our food options here.

Can I purchase whole cakes from Starbucks stores?

No, cakes sold in our stores are only available in single slices. However, you can choose up to 5 different cakes in a dessert box at our stores, or pick from our recommendations on our delivery platforms. More information here.

Do you do deliveries?

We will love to share our experience out of our stores. Selected stores deliver to limited locations with a minimum order of $30 if your office/home is within short walking distance (10 mins). Do contact Store Finder directly to make arrangements.

Where can I find the furniture and design elements found in Starbucks stores?

Sorry, we are under legal obligation to not give out information about our vendors or manufacturers to the public. If you’re interested in finding specific design elements, we suggest seeking out retailers and design centers that showcase new and innovative design work.

How can I request that a Starbucks store open in my neighborhood?

Contact Us to let us know of your interest in a new Store Finder for your community.

How does Starbucks manage personal information?

Please read our Privacy Policy for details.

Can you ship merchandise or Starbucks card orders to me if I live outside Singapore?

Currently, our merchandise and cards are available for purchase in our stores and on Starbucks® Online Store within Singapore only.

Do we allow pets in store?

Pets are not allowed on our premises as we do not have a Pets Allowed license. However, we do permit any Guide dog accompanying a blind or visually impaired person in our premises.